Andy Bleach
Andy Bleach

I’m Andy. I have a personal mission to explore the immense possibilities of embracing an agile, progressive mind-set within education. This site is a piece of the jigsaw.

I have worked in successful agile IT environments for over 8 years, first as a developer in a Scrum team then as Scrum Master.

Prior to that, I have acquired many skills and experiences through a 30-year career in IT as a software developer, ops engineer, team lead, staff/department manager, business owner, consultant, adult education tutor and TAP certified trainer.

I’ve been inspired to start this journey from all kinds of sources – one being the immense legend that was Sir Ken Robinson, who very sadly passed away a few days ago, on 21st August. If you would like to sample a little of the spirit behind my motivation then I highly recommend watching (or re-watching) his Ted talk from 2006: https://www.ted.com/talks/sir_ken_robinson_do_schools_kill_creativity