Agile In Education Meet-up Group

Agile in Education: M002 Review

We held our second Agile in Education Community meet-up session on Monday 17th August. The meeting gave everyone an opportunity to discuss potential activities of the group in more detail.

After a brief recap of the first meeting we divided into breakout rooms to discuss a choice of topics as follows:

Room 1:

“We’d love to see more teachers join us. How do we reach out to them while being sensitive to the pressure many are under and while respecting their expertise?”

  • consider a ‘personality’ or figurehead to front a campaign (Willy Wijnands, for example)
  • assemble a collection of resources
  • include the full range of agile, progressive thinking rather than focusing on a single approach
  • approach schools and head teachers (as well as individual teachers)
  • consider connecting with existing elements such as careers & skills based learning
  • what are teachers already doing that is agile?

Room 2:

“Let’s organise a festival to celebrate agile and progressive thinking in education around the world!”

  • aim to increase awareness of possibilities
  • collaborate with other institutions e.g. partner with universities to host events
  • global focus
  • involve children/students
  • interactive; workshops
  • a festival/celebration ‘vibe’ is preferable to a conference
  • involve businesses – combine with careers (for older students)
  • consider appropriate language – familiar/meaningful terms rather than those from business
  • e.g. critical thinking and problem solving are already concepts that exist in curriculum
  • there is a set of soft skills and a set of values – a mindset – that underpin agile; this is tricky to sell compared with a tick-box approach
  • involve governors and parents
  • consider an ‘un-conference’ or ‘party’ approach
  • look at other festivals and how they have been arranged
  • link with other events such as Brett
  • how to market?
  • the term ‘agile’ may put people off

Room 3:

“I am new to Agile – I’m here to explore the basics.”

A huge thanks to David Michel for assisting with the logistics of the evening and for volunteering to lead the discussion in room 3.

A recording of the session can be found on the Agile in Education YouTube Channel:

Thank you to everyone who attended – it’s great to have such a wide variety of backgrounds represented.

At time of writing, it is intended that the September meeting will offer an opportunity to hear from teachers who have been using progressive approaches in their classrooms. If you are interested in speaking at the event, please get in touch.